Louisiana Museum Presents Merzbacher Collection Exhibition

. February 8, 2010

The big spring exhibition at Louisiana centres on colour: colour in art, in the world and in the eye. In words, pictures and through interactive programmes the exhibition will present the ways in which artists throughout the twentieth century either made use of colour as a medium of expression or researched it to find new colours and colour systems. Open through 13 June 2010.

Louisiana has been given a unique opportunity to choose freely from works in the Swiss Werner & Gabrielle Merzbacher’s rich collection, which was described in The New York Times in 1999 as “one of the world’s finest private collections of modern art”. The selection of the works has been made with colour as the point of departure, and along with a number of works from the Louisiana’s collection we are showing them in an exhibition about colour in art and the many discussions of colour over the years. The exhibition Colour in Art is a true cornucopia of colour; through some 150 masterpieces it reflects how about 80 artists have worked with colour, as well as their thoughts on the theory of colour.

For more than a hundred years artists all over the world have been intent on rendering the intensity of colour. They have researched and investigated colour, and this has led to brand new possibilities in painting.

Visual art emancipates colour, and the artists who work with colour hoose to communicate their idea or message with a subjective approach that is not tied to the material world, but where it is the artist who evaluates the interrelations of colours.

The exhibition will feature more than 150 works – including nine Kandinsky works.


Image: André Derain, Bâteaux dans le Port de Collioure, 1905. Både i Collioure havn. Merzbacher Kunststiftung and Werner & Gabrielle Merzbacher

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