New Ancient Greece display: The inspirational world of the Ancient Greeks revealed at World Museum

. February 11, 2010

A new display reveals the inspirational world of the ancient Greeks whose influence is still felt in the modern world.

This culture provided the foundations of Western civilisation and inspired the Renaissance while also paving the way for the Islamic Golden Age in north Africa and south west Asia.

National Museums LiverpoolThe Roman Empire, which conquered Greece in 146 BC, was also powerfully influenced by the Greek civilisation which has dominated all aspects of cultural life from politics and philosophy and science to art for thousands of years.

“Ancient Greece” features more than 150 exhibits from the World Museum’s remarkable collections to help tell the story of a society that grew from virtually nothing to arguably the greatest civilisation on earth.

There are statues and statuettes of the Greek gods, goddesses and mythical heroes that continue to fascinate people throughout the world including goddesses Athena (warfare and wisdom), Artemis (hunting), Aphrodite (love and beauty) and Nike (victory, strength and speed).

Gods include king of the gods Zeus, Apollo (music and arts), Eros (love and passion) and Dionysos (wine and theatre). Hero Herakles is seen killing the Nemean Lion.

Pots and the pictures on them tell how the Greeks lived. Tiny ornaments and jewellery also demonstrate their artistic and creative skills. A box lid decorated with horses, probably from a woman’s grave, indicates her family was important.

Georgina Muskett, the museum’s curator of classical antiquities, says:

“These objects, along with their writings, speak to us over the centuries about the wonders of ancient Greece.”

Education programmes linked to Ancient Greece include:

Hands-on workshops feature question-and-answer sessions followed by activities including chances to handle original artefacts including sculpture, pottery, toys and furniture decorations.

Other sessions focus on the natural history of ancient Greece. They look at the Greeks’ relationship with the natural world in terms of gods and myths and how they farmed, fished and hunted.

There is an ancient Greek trail around the gallery with four themes – gods, goddesses and heroes, Athene’s amphoras, animals and the body beautiful.

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Image: Pots used by athletes to carry oil about 550 BC. Photo: © National Museums Liverpool.

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