Magenta Installation at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

Magenta Research, a US based manufacturer of high quality video extension solutions recently announced an installation at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in Washington D.C. Magenta was chosen to provide a solution that extends the transmission of high definition video, audio and touch screen control. The Smithsonian desired a clean looking kiosk installation that integrated into the aesthetics of the museum’s environment. This meant that hardware such as the PC driving the kiosk needed to be located away from the interactive area in a controlled environment. The museum also chose Magenta’s extension solutions because they wanted to deliver high definition video over long distances, up to 1,000 ft. and they didn’t want the excess traffic on their LAN. The museum was able to create a visitor experience that was focused on learning through interactivity and free from potential disruptions.

Magenta Research’s AK600-SAP and the XRTx-SAP were utilized to resolve these issues. “This installation allowed the Smithsonian to install the equipment remote from the exhibit. This is very important for several reasons. It meant that their designers did not have to build separate kiosks for the equipment at the exhibit location. It also improved the reliability of the system. By keeping the equipment contained in a controlled environment, it provides easy access to the hardware should software upgrades be required,” said Brian Macauto, Sales Engineer for Magenta Research.

Having the system in a controlled, closed environment, and not sitting out on the exhibit floor with the public, enhanced the reliability, thus making it much less likely to fail due to dirt and dust interference. The Smithsonian configuration is a one-to-one setup. This means that the system is directly connected, and not run over a LAN or internet line. This is a big advantage as it eliminates any possible network issues and allows extension beyond the 100m network limitation. The museum attendees will not have to be subjected to network slowdowns or disconnects, making the public’s exhibit experience a positive one.

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About Magenta Research
Magenta Research is an industry-recognized leader in matrix switchers and video extension equipment. The company utilizes proprietary technologies to enable WUXGA/1080p video distribution at 2,000 feet (610m). Magenta transmitters, receivers, matrix switchers, and fiber extension systems have been installed in a large variety of A/V applications, especially digital signage for casino, airport, fast food, museum, retail, theatre, courtroom, and corporate applications.

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