BankAtlantic to Sponsor the Tampa Museum of Art

. March 19, 2010

BankAtlantic, Florida’s Most Convenient Bank, announced today that it has partnered with the Tampa Museum of Art to sponsor its free Saturday drop-in program, “The Art Spot”. The Museum’s Saturday morning drop-in program offers children the opportunity to explore their own creativity by creating various art projects in the museum’s classroom. As part of the program, the children and families will also get a chance to visit and tour the galleries. “The Art Spot” projects are self-guided and offer a different art activity each week at no cost to the children and families.

“Art education is one of BankAtlantic’s on-going passions,” said Jarett Levan, BankAtlantic’s CEO and also a board member of the Museum of Art, Fort Lauderdale. “We are delighted to provide an opportunity for children and parents to discover and delve into the arts, and to support the Tampa Museum of Art – a very important resource of the community.”

On Saturday, March 13th the museum featured Recycled City – The artwork of Doug Aitken’s “Plateau” and create your own city made from boxes. The event was very successful and well attended by the families of the Tampa community.

With sponsorship from BankAtlantic, the Museum will host the following Saturday events. No registration is required, and families may participate in as many events as they wish.

— March 20, 2010: – Self Portraits: Learn the basics of drawing faces as you draw a self portrait.

— April 10, 2010: – Tampa Maps: Tampa Museum of Art’s “The Hidden City” exhibition features artworks that explore the idea of cities. Children will be inspired by Tampa and use Tampa maps to make a multimedia collage.

— April 20, 2010: – Non Objective Painting: Use shapes, colors and precise lines to make a Frank Stella inspired painting.

— April 24, 2010: – Subway Cars: Build a subway car like the ones that motivated the artist Donna Dennis to create her subway piece with silver girders.

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