Animation and Photography Workshops at Norman Rockwell Museum

Norman Rockwell Museum presents a lively series of April programs and events, including animation and photography workshops, a special lecture with photographer Jonathan Doster, and school vacation week art workshops for kids and families.

“Norman Rockwell: A Life in Art”
Through June 20

Connect with Norman Rockwell through this in-depth exhibition featuring original artworks spanning the breadth of his career, and personal mementos and family photographs from the Norman Rockwell archives.

“To Rockwell, With Love: Fan Mail and ‘The Saturday Evening Post’”
Through May 16, 2010

Step back in time to explore Norman Rockwell’s imagery for “The Saturday Evening Post,” which prompted an outpouring of reader reaction during the artist’s forty-seven year tenure with the magazine. Shifting American values, reform and the New Deal, World War II and the rise of national identity, the Baby Boom and the growth of the middle class, and the politicization of the American populace are some of the themes that will be brought to life in this engaging and informative installation, which features archival fan correspondence and original “Saturday Evening Post”
tear sheets.

“Norman Rockwell: Behind the Camera”
Through May 31, 2010

Find a fascinating parallel universe to Norman Rockwell’s paintings in the meticulously composed photographs that informed his work. Based on the recently released book “Norman Rockwell: Behind the Camera” and advances in the Museum’s ProjectNORMAN digitization project, the exhibition pairs Rockwell’s photographic references with original artwork to reveal, frame-by-frame, the creation of the artist’s iconic paintings.

“Norman Rockwell’s Stockbridge Models:
A Norman Rockwell Museum Historic Preservation Project”
Stockbridge Town Hall, Stockbridge, Massachusetts Ongoing

Learn more about the faces behind the pictures in this off-site exhibition of photographs of Rockwell’s models posing for his paintings. Free admission. Open weekdays only.