Gilbert & George: The Paintings at Kroller-Muller Museum

The Paintings (with Us in the Nature) by Gilbert & George is on display through 21.11.2010, in the large exhibition space in the Quist wing.

This unusual “Sculpture” from 1971 consists of 6 huge painted triptychs. At that time, the artists called this a ‘new romantic sad beautiful sculpture’. Painted in oils on linen in the winter of 1970-71, the “Sculpture” is a recreation of the emotions they experienced the previous summer in the English countryside.

This is the only sculpture by these ‘human sculptors’ using this technique. The 1960s and 70s were a time of artistic experimentation around an expanded conception of art: artists broadened the possibilities for large-scale art and with tremendous ingenuity, which remains a source of inspiration. In those years Gilbert & George used various new and classical techniques in order to convey their personal experience of time and space to the public in the form of an artistic experience. They became renowned for their living sculptures in museums, with multi colored metallic powder on their faces and hands, but they also distributed printed sculptures by post, sung and danced as musical sculptures, produced video sculptures, made drawings as pieces of sculpture and wrote sculptures in the form of books.

Huge negative based pictures eventually became their most important artistic medium. In The Paintings (with Us in the Nature) they set out their relationship to nature. They depict themselves sitting and strolling in the overwhelming presence of nature. In every triptych (each measuring 230 x 680 cm) a single element from culture is always present as a counterpoint. The context of the museum and its collection, in which (critical) examinations of paradise form a spearhead, will allow The Paintings (with Us in the Nature) to be shown to optimal advantage.

Other pictures and charcoal on paper sculpture by Gilbert & George from the collection will be on display simultaneously in the museum’s print room.

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