Kansas Aviation Museum Elects Carl Chance to Board of Directors

The appointment of Carl Chance to serve on the board of the Kansas Aviation Museum brings back into play, his enormous enthusiasm for the mission of the museum. That mission is to, Preserve the Birth and Living Heritage of Kansas Aviation; Educate the world on the Past, Present and Future of Flight; and to Promote the Spirit of Flight in the Air Capital of the World.

Chance’s commitment as Trustee is valued with his management, media and marketing experience and skills that he brings to the museum to an already strong and dedicated museum board, all with impressive credentials.

In his prior board tenure, Chance had served on various committees producing television public service announcements, writing and editing the Flight Log newsletter, serving as master of ceremonies at the Annual Wright Brothers’ Celebration and creating multiple fund-raising activities and events. Chance is a former News Consultant/Correspondent and TV Producer for Wingspan Air & Space Channel, under the Chairmanship of Walter J. Boyne, former Director of the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum.

When notified of his reappointment to the Kansas Aviation Museum Board of Directors, Chance said: “I am extremely pleased to have the opportunity once again to participate, support and work with such an esteemed board of directors and in adding my strength and focus toward the Kansas Aviation Museum’s Mission.”

Chance produces the aviation website, www.wingsoverkansas.com. The site features over 1,200 pages of worldwide aviation news, history, education, feature articles, career information, aircraft photos and videos plus learn to fly information. Boeing, Hawker Beechcraft, Spirit AeroSystems, Cessna Aircraft, Bombardier/Learjet and Airbus Wing Design headline the site. Over 215 countries worldwide and all 50 states visit Wings Over Kansas daily. Without a doubt, the most valued content material on the site comes from an impressive lineup of Contributing Editors who share their vast knowledge, experience and adventures.

For complete information on the Kansas Aviation Museum, log on to, www.kansasaviationmuseum.org, and to enjoy a world of enlightening aviation subjects log on to, www.wingsoverkansas.com

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  1. RH says:

    Carl Chance is an obvious choice for the KAM board. Few people have done more to spread the word about Kansas Aviation History. His website is legendary, throughout Kansas, and well-known elsewhere (and shows up constantly and prominently in Google searches for Kansas-related aviation topics).

    There is simply no other website on Earth that presents as much Kansas aviation history to the world (and I’m sure: I’m an internationally published aviation historian who runs a moderately large aviation site that tries, but hardly “competes” with his, in that field.). Indeed, there are probably not any half-dozen web sites, combined, that are so rich with Kansas aviation history.

    And what a cast of writers he has assembled: just about all the leading experts on Kansas aviation history, including the former head of the Smithsonian’s National Air & Space Museum, Kansas’ former State Aviation Director, and the probably all of most important published authors on Kansas aviation history.

    For all of his achievement in this field, none is more courteous, humble, and self-effacing. He’s so nice a guy that I’m embarrased to be in the same room with him, for want of comparable personal characteristics. Good thing for our enemies that he doesn’t fly for the military: He could charm any opposing aviator into surrender. When it comes to leadership, I’ve got a lot to learn from him.

    For any Kansas aviation history endeavor, this is a guy to listen to, when he speaks.

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