Selections Made for 2010-2011 Joshua Tree National Park Artist-in-Residence Program in partnership with the Riverside Art Museum

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Joshua Tree National Park, in partnership with the Riverside Art Museum, is pleased to announce the selections for the 2010-2011 Artist-in-Residence Program (AIR). Three visual artists, a choreographer, and a writer were invited to participate in the program. This is the third year in which artists have been offered this unique residential opportunity.

The selected 2010-2011 artists are:

Steven L. Anderson (a painter from Los Angeles, CA);
Shayna Keller (a choreographer/dancer from Studio City, CA);
Eric Russell Martin (a sculptor/videographer from Oakland, CA);
Caille Millner (a writer from San Francisco, CA); and
Naida Osline (a photographer from Riverside, CA).
Michael Kenny (a photographer from San Francisco) was selected as an alternate.

Each artist-in-residence will be provided with accommodations inside the park for a two- to six-week period to interpret different aspects of Joshua Tree National Park through the medium he or she has chosen. The residencies will take place during the months of October and November 2010, and March and April 2011. Through partnerships established with other cultural, environmental, and civic agencies within the region, these artists will produce a program, presentation, or exhibit to engage members of the community during the residency.

The jury of seven also selected an artist to participate in the Affiliate Artist program, which encourages one-year projects in the park, but provides no accommodations. That honor went to Eric Nevis, a musician from Joshua Tree.

Curt Sauer, Superintendent of Joshua Tree National Park, said he was very proud of the work done by park and museum staff to ensure that visiting artists have a positive experience during the program. “Through the Artist-in-Residence program, we hope to carry on the venerable tradition of providing artists with opportunities for creative expression in some of the country’s last remaining wild places,” said Sauer.

For more information about Joshua Tree National Park/The Riverside Art Museum’s Artist-in-Residence Program, please contact Caryn Davidson, Park Liaison for the AIR Program at 760-367-3012, or Lee Tusman, Curator for the Riverside Art Museum, at 951-684-7111.

JTNP Mission Statement: The purpose of Joshua Tree National Park’s Artist-in-Residence Program is to provide artistic and educational opportunities to promote a deeper understanding of and dialogue about the natural, cultural, and historical resources of Joshua Tree National Park and the deserts of Southern California.

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