Fondation Beyeler to Present Dali, Earnst, Miro Surrealism in Paris

This major exhibition at Fondation Beyeler in Basel on the art of Surrealism will provide insights into one of the most influential artistic and literary movements of the twentieth century. Exhibition open OCTOBER 2, 2011 TO JANUARY 29, 2012.

Joan Miró, Composition, Petit univers (Composition, Small universe) 1933

Born in the avant-garde metropolis of Paris, Surrealism was represented by such outstanding artist personalities as Dalí, Duchamp, Ernst, Giacometti, Magritte, Miró, Oppenheim and Picasso. In their often baffling and highly imaginative imagery, the Surrealists addressed the dream, the irrational, and the workings of the unconscious mind. On view in our spectacular exhibition will be over one hundred works from world-renowned museums and private collections.

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