Susquehanna Art Museum Presents People, Places and Things: A Celebration of Harrisburg’s Artistic Heritage

The Susquehanna Art Museum presents People, Places and Things: A Celebration of Harrisburg’s Artistic Heritage, open through December 5, 2010.

Art historians look to the creations of artists to learn about a society’s people, culture, economy, landscape, architecture, politics and styles. As part of Harrisburg’s sesquicentennial, People, Places and Things will utilize a wide variety of artistic mediums to take a fresh, modern look at Harrisburg through the genres of portraits, landscapes and still lifes. This three-part exhibition will highlight the best representations of Harrisburg through its diversity, tradition and innovation.

The first portion of the exhibition will be a small survey of portraits, landscapes and still lifes that were completed around 1860, the year of Harrisburg’s founding. Since their creation, many things about the art world and Pennsylvania’s culture have changed. The Susquehanna Art Museum will be borrowing artwork from the collections of several Harrisburg-based art organizations for the first portion of this exhibition.

For the second portion, the Susquehanna Art Museum will host a juried exhibition wherein artists are asked to create a contemporary vision of Harrisburg. Whether romantic, realistic, or off beat, the expressions will capture the essence of this capitol city. Artists are encouraged to take inspiration from the faces and dreams of the people who call Harrisburg their home; the landscapes which describe the architecture and ambience of the neighborhoods, and the depiction of day-to-day activities, recreation, and nightlife. This artwork will answer the following questions. How has Harrisburg been defined and redefined? What could the artwork teach viewers about Harrisburg in another 150 years? What and who is Harrisburg?

Image: Donna Curanzy-Seltzer, Pedestrian, Digital Print on Metal Paper, 2010

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