Nanaimo Museum Receives $10,000 Donation from the Jim Pattison Foundation

A generous donation was received in January by the Nanaimo Museum from the Jim Pattison Foundation. The cheque for $10 000 will be very valuable to us for future gallery and exhibit development.

Mr. Pattison extended his intended brief tour by spending time viewing each exhibit. He praised the award winning Coal Mine exhibit and noted the difficult working conditions of Nanaimo’s early mining industry. Mr. Pattison toured the museum in November 2010, after The Jim Pattison Group, Broadcast Divisional Meeting at the museum.

“Mr. Pattison had many fond memories of Nanaimo from his summer visits during his childhood years,” says Debbie Trueman, “he commented on the great job the museum has done at preserving the past and identifying the role Nanaimo has played in the growth of our province.”

Nanaimo Museum 100 Museum Way Nanaimo, B.C. V9R 5J8

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