Musee du quai Branly Presents Exhibition of Dogon Mali Art

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The DOGON exhibition, on view 04/05/11 – 07/24/11, presents Dogon culture and art history from the 10th century until today through more than 330 exceptional pieces from international collections and presented together for the first time in France.

Dogon area (Mali) art ranks among the best known art created by African cultures. /The art from the Dogon area is considered as one of the best known art created by African cultures. Along with the masterpieces that have brought fame to Dogon art, the exhibition presents cultural and daily life objects that reflect the metaphysical and aesthetic concerns of the populations who made them. The typology of these objects, made with various and complex techniques, has rarely been revealed in light of the main pieces of the statuary ensemble.

Over ten centuries of settlement history, of artistic and cultural influences are thus explored through a unique ensemble of essential masterpieces and unseen daily life objects that reflect the progressive settlement of Dogon area and the richness of its stylistic diversity.

The exhibition created by the musée du quai Branly shows the whole force of sculptural art developed by the Dogon, whether made of wood or metal, or expressed in large impressive pieces or powerful small objects.

The exhibition will be presented at the Kunst und Ausstellungshalle der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, (Bonn), from September 2nd 2011 to January 1st 2012.

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