Karl Drerup Art Gallery Presents As Time Passes Over the Land

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Karl Drerup Art Gallery at Plymouth State University presents As Time Passes Over the Land on view until APRIL 9, 2011.

White Mountain School painting has long been admired for the ways that artists captured and embellished the natural beauty of the region. Much has been written about nineteenth century visitors’ awe and reverence of the region and how it was rendered visible by the many famous painters who frequented the area. Equally imbedded in those paintings is evidence of environmental change, from the impact of settlers’ activities including clear-cutting, hunting, and farming, to the industrial practices of pulp mills and mines. As settlers and investors drew benefits from natural resources, they perceived the land as the site of abundance and beauty reflected in the paintings. The exhibition will celebrate the great art of the era and explore dynamic environmental change as time passes over the land.

Organized by Catherine S. Amidon, Interim Director, Museum of the White Mountains

Curated by Marcia Schmidt Blaine • Catalogue text by Marcia Schmidt Blaine and Mark Green

Karl Drerup Art Gallery & Exhibitions Program. 17 High Street Draper and Maynard Building, MSC 21B. Plymouth New Hampshire 03264-1595 Call: (603) 535-2614.


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