Frankfurter Kunstverein Dierk Presents Schmidt IMAGE LEAKS On the Image Politics of Resources

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Frankfurter Kunstverein Dierk presents Schmidt IMAGE LEAKS – On the Image Politics of Resources on view 11 March–8 May 2011.

The exhibition “IMAGE LEAKS – On the Image Politics of Resources” by Dierk Schmidt combines recent work and thematically related older pieces to create a focal image of contemporary economic-political relationships. A core question explored in Schmidt’s practice is how artistic images can address everyday political events and their historical legacy. Above and beyond the simple depiction of historical events he is interested in an expanded definition of historical painting, i.e. a constant tracking of historical references in the present. Through installation-based painting series and text-based works he explores the possibilities of critical painting. Schmidt considers his painting a medium that serves as a point of argument with the potential to reveal conflicting interests.

Dierk Schmidt, “IMAGE LEAKS – On the Image Politics of Resources” (Detail), 2011. © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2011

The starting point for many of Schmidt’s projects are the conditions of artistic production before the backdrop of broader economic and political interrelationships. Often, he focuses on the production of images and the accompanying image politics of governments, multinational companies, or media conglomerates, which he views as the successors to the past century’s forms of state representation. The newly produced work, “IMAGE LEAKS – On the Image Politics of Resources” raises the questions if and how artistic image strategies can be used to counter the kind of image politics pursued by the multinational oil company BP after the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

CURATED BY: Holger Kube Ventura
MADE POSSIBLE BY: Stiftung Kunstfonds

Frankfurter Kunstverein
Steinernes Haus am Römerberg
Markt 44
60311 Frankfurt
Main, Germany

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