People’s History Museum Presents Death and the Working Class

. March 8, 2011 . 0 Comments

The People’s History Museum presents Death and the Working Class on view through 2 May 2011.

The exhibition is all about death. It looks at the enormous changes in perceptions of death and funeral customs over the last two hundred years and shows fascinating collections from working people’s organisations illustrate the world of ‘the good send off’.

The Death and the Working Class changing exhibition is split into seven themed sections. A combination of objects from the museum collection and other local collections will be used to illustrate the themes. They will range from small memorial cards, funeral contribution cards, commemorative handkerchiefs, leaflets and rolls of honour, to a large banner, displayed horizontally, advertising a trade union’s widows and orphans provision.

There is a walking map of ‘hidden cemeteries’ in Manchester which you can take with you as you explore a hidden side to the city. A large version of the map will be on display in the gallery. There are also themed notice boards with copies of historical newspaper clippings relating to death, funerals and mourning.

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