Australian Fossil and Mineral Museum Presents Macquarie 2010 – The Progress A Journey Across the Blue Mountains 1815

The Australian Fossil and Mineral Museum presents Macquarie 2010 – The Progress A Journey Across the Blue Mountains 1815 on view through 30 April 2011.

This important exhibition of photo montages by Allan Bardsley, has been curated as an event which celebrates the year of bicentenary commemorations for Governor Lachlan and Mrs Elizabeth Macquarie. It is a precursor to the making of the dramatised documentary, Macquarie’s Vision, Cox’s Road.

According to Allan Bardsley, “Everyone has heard of Blaxland, Wentworth and Lawson, and knows something about their journey of discovery in the Blue Mountains. As a result their names are etched in the consciousness of Australia. But their achievements are overshadowed by a bigger and surprisingly, uncelebrated story. That is until now.”

“Here is as vividly told historical adventure with thought provoking and revealing eye-witness accounts drawn from contemporary records and journals, private papers and personal letters. The result is a potent expose of one of the greatest achievements of Australian and European history” continued Allan Bardsley

The exhibition tells the story of the construction (in an incredible 6 months) of the first road over the Blue Mountains to Bathurst (1814-1815) by William Cox and his team of convicts and Governor Lachlan and Mrs Elizabeth Macquarie’s Vice Regal Progress in April/May 1815 – founding Bathurst on 7 May 1815.

It is set against and incorporates the backdrop of the rich history of indigenous Australians, Surveyor George Evan’s charts, the watercolours of Macquarie era artist John Lewin (thanks to the Mitchell Library) and the diaries of Governor Macquarie and aide-de-camp to the Governor, Major Henry Antill.

The 200th anniversary of Lachlan Macquarie’s swearing-in as Governor of New South Wales has been commemorated in 2010 with a statewide celebration program aimed at enriching our knowledge of the past and inspiring our vision for the future.

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