Peoria Riverfront Museum to Install Giant Screen Digital Theater

After several months of research and exploration, the Peoria Riverfront Museum Board voted Thursday to partner with international immersive theater specialist Global Immersion to provide the technical solution for the museum’s Giant Screen Digital Theater (GSDT).

The Board’s GSDT committee met with key industry players, including system integrators, technology/hardware providers and film producers, and benchmarked with other mission-driven museums across the country regarding emerging technology, programming options and general tips on attendance. After deciding on a system integrator, the board selected award-winning Global Immersion as the company that best meets the museum’s criteria. The company, comprised of a team of veteran industry professionals, is dedicated to the design, development and integration of unique immersive theater experiences and was recently named 2011 International Business of the Year in England.

The technical solution includes a 70’ x 52’ screen, digital 3D theater with 4K digital projection that will provide superior picture quality and a true “immersive” experience—a giant screen and stadium seating that creates the illusion of being inside the action. “The result will be a bigger, bolder, and better theater experience than any other across central Illinois,” says Beasley.
Because the museum is not tied to one content provider, its giant screen theater has access to a wide variety of existing and future films from producers and distributors like National Geographic, K2 Communications, nWave, MacGillivray Freeman and more. The arrangement also allows the museum to use the theater in creative ways that expand offerings— like airing live simulcasts of sports, arts, music and science events; hosting functions that incorporate live data or award videos; and planning video gaming or YouTube festivals.

The Peoria Riverfront Museum is a collaborative effort of Lakeview Museum of Arts & Sciences, Peoria Historical Society, Illinois High School Association (IHSA), African American Hall of Fame Museum, Peoria Regional Museum Society, The Nature Conservancy, Heartland Foundation and Caterpillar Inc. Features include a giant screen digital theater; state-of-the-art planetarium; Illinois River exhibit; Peoria history gallery; children’s Discovery Worlds; galleries for fine arts, folk art and international features; and the IHSA Peak Performance Center.

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