Queens Museum of Art Presents Site-specific project by Niyeti Chadha

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The Queens Museum of Art presents Site-specific project by Niyeti Chadha, open May 22 – August 14, 2011.

Niyeti Chadha’s work borrows visual cues from her immediate surroundings that are architectural or spatial. It begins with mundane, everyday elements: a stack of bricks or a flowing gossamer fabric or the precisely sewn patches of a filled sail. Her act of drawing deconstructs and reduces a space into formal elements to understand their contribution that makes up of the original form.

As the identity of the space is disrobed, the elements are then reused in reconstructing a structure redefined by the artist’s perception. Chadha’s drawing explores the magical, immersive experiences by the way one’s eye deciphers the dimensions of spaces by reassembling most ordinary-lines and planes that surround us.

For Queens Museum’s second floor gallery, Chadha will construct a dialogue between the geometrics of two distinctly different architectural situations that currently exist on both side of the wall: the orderly white cube gallery where the drawing is being executed; and the vast construction site on the other side of the wall, where expansion project of the museum is currently in progress. The elements borrowed from the other side will be brought in to lay the blueprint is in abstraction but a more invariable one, situated inside the museum walls.

Niyeti Chadha (b. 1979, Dehradun, India) earned her M. F. A. in Printmaking from University of Baroda, and a B.F.A. from College of Art, Chandigarh, India. She has extensively exhibited in India and is a recipient of numerous scholarships and residencies including at School of Visual Art, New York (2010).

Niyeti Chadha’s site-specific project is supported in part by the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs and New York State Council on the Arts.

The Queens Museum of Art is dedicated to presenting the highest quality visual arts and educational programming for people in the New York metropolitan area, and particularly for the residents of Queens, a uniquely diverse ethnic, cultural and international community.

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