Dickson Mounds Museum Presents From Humble Beginnings Lincoln’s Illinois 1830-1861

The Dickson Mounds Museum presents From Humble Beginnings: Lincoln’s Illinois 1830-1861 an exhibition on view through August 07, 2011.

To commemorate the bicentennial of Abraham Lincoln’s birth the Illinois State Museum presents a captivating perspective of the Illinois Lincoln called home through objects and stories of the people who lived here. Featured in this exhibition are historical maps, household furnishings, agricultural tools, firearms, archaeological artifacts, and audio presentations of pioneers’ letters. Together, these demonstrate the dynamic changes that helped transform Illinois from a frontier region to a powerful state.

The Dickson Mounds Museum, a branch of the Illinois State Museum and a National Historic Site, is one of the major on-site archaeological museums in the United States. It offers a unique opportunity to explore the world of the American Indian in an awe inspiring journey through 12,000 years of human experience in the Illinois River Valley.

Dickson Mounds Museum
10956 North Dickson Mounds Road
Lewistown, IL 61542
Telephone: 309-547-3721
FAX: 309-547-3189


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