Frac Haute -Normandie / Musee des Beaux-Arts in Rouen Present Exhibition of Work by Darren Almond

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Frac Haute-Normandie is hosting a personal exhibition of the work of British artist Darren Almond. Staged in cooperation with Frac Auvergne, this, the artist’s first solo show in France, covers a body of work produced between 2000 and 2010. Exhibition on view through 10 July 2011.

Fascinated by the notion of time and the way it is represented, Darren Almond has used a diverse range of media—landscape photographs, industrial artefacts and films—to develop his work since the early 1990s. Although both the media he uses and his subject matter may seem so different, each one continuously asks and formulates the same questions: how can we experiment with and convey time today? What aesthetic, historical and factual meaning can time take on?

Darren Almond

On show simultaneously at Frac Haute-Normandie and the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Rouen, the exhibition entitled “…between here and the surface of the moon. Phase 2”, looks at the artist’s various practices in two places and at two different times through series of landscapes (Fullmoon, Night+Fog), film made in Kazakhstan (Schacta) and industrial objects diverted from their original function.

In 1997 Darren Almond was invited to join the “Young British Artists”, and for over ten years his work has been the subject of a number of major solo exhibitions, in the Netherlands (De Appel, Amsterdam, 2001), Switzerland (Kunsthalle in Zurich, 2001), the UK (Tate Britain 2001 and Parasol Unit 2008 in London), Italy (Fondazione Nicola Trussardi, 2003), Germany (K21, Düsseldorf 2005; Folkwang Museum, Essen 2006), New Mexico (SITE, Santa Fe 2007). Nominated in 2005 for the Turner Prize, he is now represented by several major international galleries (White Cube, Matthew Marks and Max Hetzler). His work is featured in a large number of public and private collections.

Trafic Frac Haute-Normandie
3, place des Martyrs-de-la-Résistance
76300 Sotteville-lès-Rouen
T 00-33 (0)2 35 72 27 51

Musée des Beaux-Arts de Rouen
Esplanade Marcel-Duchamp
76000 Rouen
T +33 (0)2 35 71 28 40

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