National Art Museum of China Hosts Contemporary Art Exhibition of Hungary

“Contemporary Art Exhibition of Hungary” is a communication project of Ministry of Culture of PRC and Ministry of National Resources of Hungary. Open 06.14 To 07.04, 2011.

There are 303 works of contemporary artists in 8 halls including oil painting, ink painting, watercolor painting, powdered color painting, pen drawing, block print, sculpture, etc, displaying civil arts, such as weaving and porcelain enamel, and architecture pictures of famous architects. This exhibition will make comprehensive and integrated introduction on the development picture of contemporary art of Hungary in order to make the people understand the multiple contemporary culture vision of Hungary by extraordinarily splendid art works. As a national culture communication project, NAMOC will plan brilliant Chinese art exhibitions to art museums in Hungary in the autumn of 2012 and it is believed that the people of Hungary will appreciate the charms of Chinese culture by colorful Chinese arts.

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