World Museum in Liverpool Announces Age of the Dinosaur Exhibition

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Amazing life-sized moving dinosaurs will terrify Liverpool when a blockbuster exhibition roars into the city this autumn. In a major coup for World Museum, Age of the Dinosaur opens on 22 October and runs until 15 April 2012.

Age of the Dinosaur will make its first appearance outside London after being created by the Natural History Museum where it had a successful run. The exhibition will give all the family an experience not to be missed. Six life-size dinosaurs will emerge out of the darkness as visitors immerse themselves in the vanished world of 65-million-years-ago.

The admission charge for Age of the Dinosaur is £6 adults, £3 children and concessions, under 5s free, £14 families. Book online here There are no booking fees or extra charges.

Steve Judd, Director of World Museum, said: “This will be a blockbuster show that brings alive the prehistoric world. It will be the nearest you’ll get to walking with real dinosaurs. This is the first chance you will get to see an exhibition of this calibre outside of London where it has already been a big hit.

“It is fantastic to bring such a dramatic spectacle to World Museum. Dinosaurs are very popular with our visitors and we were keen to build on that with a world class dinosaur experience. This will be one of the most amazing exhibitions World Museum has ever seen.”

The exhibition combines stunning imagery, animatronic dinosaurs and film footage with more than 60 specimens including real dinosaur bones. Visitors travel from beneath Jurassic waves, walk through a Jurassic forest, and finish their journey in a Cretaceous desert, passing fossil specimens along the way as they journey through time.

People will come face-to-face with the animatronic dinosaurs in their natural habitat. Visitors will also see a life-sized replica of a T-rex jawbone and even dinosaur poo.

In addition to the exhibition a free dinosaur trail takes visitors around World Museum’s own collections. Age of the Dinosaur has already thrilled and terrified thousands of people at the National History Museum, London. The exhibition will also feature:

• Two theatrical, immersive areas where visitors step into the environment of 65 to 250 million years ago to see, smell and hear the habitats of dinosaurs
• Jurassic underwater zones reveal marine monsters called Ichthyosaur, Plesiosaurs and Pliosaurs which ruled the seas.
• Seventy five specimens from London’s Natural History Museum collections including fossils and dinosaur poo.
• Hands-on exhibits where visitors can touch specimens and learn about the latest scientific research in a special laboratory.
• A life-sized replica of a T-rex jawbone. The jaw muscles were so big that its skull was extra wide to accommodate them.
• A small animatronic, bird-like Archaeopteryx which lived in modern–day Germany about 147 million years ago. It was probably carnivorous, eating insects and other small prey.
• A timeline charts the rise and fall of the dinosaurs while other interactives help to bring the past to life.

Image: Age of the Dinosaur World Museum in Liverpool

Timed tickets can be ordered in advance at

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