Leonardo Museum Opens in Salt Lake City

The Leonardo MMuseum has opened on Library Square in downtown Salt Lake City.

The Leonardo is a new kind of museum that will blend elements from science, technology and art to engage visitors’ curiosity in exploring big questions and current topics. The museum will present subjects in new ways, encouraging visitors to tap into their own innovative potential and tackle challenges, discover unexpected opportunities, and use their own creativity to help make and change what happens inside.

“This is an exciting time,” said Peter Giles, The Leonardo’s Executive Director. “We have been working toward this day for many years, and look forward to sharing our vision with the residents of Utah and the region. I am well acquainted with science and technology centers in the Unites States and elsewhere and have been personally involved in three different centers,” said “The people of Utah are in for something special. Visitors to The Leonardo should put away their old expectations, and come ready to experience something new; something that has never been done quite this way before. Each student, family, group of friends, couple and young person who walks through this door will be part of a new venture that will help redefine the way we see and engage with museums.”

“The Leonardo will add a new dimension to Library Square, bringing even more energy and excitement to our urban setting,” said Mayor Ralph Becker. “I fully anticipate The Leonardo will become a major destination for residents and visitors, reinforcing Salt Lake City’s role as the cultural core of our region.” – www.theleonardo.org

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