Cheekwood Opens Visions of the American West. Masterworks from the Buffalo Bill Historical Center

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Cheekwood presents Visions of the American West: Masterworks from the Buffalo Bill Historical Center an exhibition on view October 22, 2011 – March 4, 2012.

One hundred years after Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show thrilled audiences in Nashville, the excitement resounds again at Cheekwood, where visitors are invited to experience the West through captivating displays of art, Plains Indian artifacts, Wild West show objects, and firearms — all parts of the quintessential and epic stories of the West.

The Cheekwood exhibition will present masterpieces of the West grouped into seven main areas:

Fine Arts
Five connected galleries will feature highlights from the Whitney Gallery of Western Art, featuring several famous artists. First, Landscape, featuring the untamed western wilderness; next, Exploration and Wildlife, focused on encounters with native animals and people. In the middle, view an entire gallery dedicated to the dynamic works of Frederic Remington. From there, go west with paintings capturing the wagon train spirit of the Pioneers, then move into a gallery of 20th Century images of Native American Life, centered on the work of Henry Sharp.

Cheekwood is thrilled to include exceptional examples from the Cody Firearms Museum in this exhibition. See artfully embellished guns used by Buffalo Bill and the members of his Wild West show, a US Model 1875 Gatling Gun Revolving Rifle Battery, a Winchester Model 1895 Sporting Rifle and a Sharps Model 1853 Sporting Rifle.

Horse Culture
The original Cheekwood estate was home to many horses. In honor of these majestic symbols of the West, this gallery is dedicated to the art of horse culture, including beautiful saddles, spurs, bits and ropes.

Plains Indians
This gallery will be dedicated to Native American history and traditions. View art and artifacts ranging from baby cradles, children’s moccasins and dolls to everyday items, including a shield, parfleche and blanket.

Women of the West
Women have shaped the history of the American West in myriad ways, and this gallery is Cheekwood’s tribute to their strength and sense of adventure. View the wedding dress of William F. Cody’s daughter, Arta; see an outfit that belonged to famous cowgirl, Etheyle Parry; experience paintings, photographs and everyday objects documenting the life of a ranch woman.

Cowboy Culture
Cheekwood will bring the life of the cowboy into focus in this gallery, with historic objects including a cowbell, branding iron, lariat and more. This collection will also document cowboy “high style,” with intricately decorated hats, boots, and saddles.

Buffalo Bill and the Wild West
This is your personal introduction to Buffalo Bill’s life. Learn about the legend through a rich documentation of his personal affects, including the Spider Studebaker Buggy he acquired in England and other personal items, including a his Congressional Medal of Honor.

The Buffalo Bill Historical Center
The American West is a remarkable and storied place; both the real, history-baked landscape and the “Wild West” that lives in the world’s imagination. The Buffalo Bill Historical Center in Cody, Wyoming is one of the best destinations in the world to learn about every side of the West. Native Americans and Cowboys, landscape, technology, history, art, and, of course, Buffalo Bill — the BBHC tells these stories and more through a vast collection contained within five distinct museums. Cheekwood is fortunate to partner with The Buffalo Bill Historical Center to bring these treasures to Nashville. We are excited to reintroduce you to Buffalo Bill, the star of the world-traveling Wild West show of the late 1800s. The show came through Nashville and several other cities in Tennessee on numerous occasions– around the same time that Joel Cheek was perfecting the Maxwell House coffee blend that built the Cheekwood estate.

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