Taft Museum of Art Antique Christmas

. November 29, 2011 . 0 Comments

The Taft Museum of Art announces Antique Christmas at the Taft Museum of Art open through January 29, 2012.

This year visitors will be able to see an intricate Christmas village composed of many houses and inhabited by small lead figures; a tree with Russian paper and glass ornaments representing Russian fairy tales; a miniature Santa’s toy shop; a Tudor-style dollhouse; a tree bearing American-made World War II ornaments; a display of early wooden Jack-in-the-box toys; a collection of wire-wrapped blown-glass ornaments; and a tree decorated with antique paper dolls.

“I’m so pleased that Antique Christmas has become a part of an annual tradition for many families,” says Deborah Emont Scott, director/CEO of the Taft. “The feather trees and delicate glass and paper ornaments offer the chance to appreciate and experience the artistry of craftsmen from generations before.”

The Taft Museum of Art
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Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
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E-mail: info@taftmuseum.org

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