Polk Museum of Art Opens Hunt Slonem. An Expressive Nature Exhibition

The Polk Museum of Art presents Hunt Slonem. An Expressive Nature, on view December 17 March 24, 2012 in the Dorothy Jenkins Gallery.

Hunt Slonem, Chandelier 1993, Oil on canvas.

Contemporary works by New York- and Louisiana-based artist Hunt Slonem are sought after by collectors from around the world. His vibrantly colored works can be found in nearly 100 international museum collections and countless other corporate and private collections. Slonem’s expressive paintings pivot between the fantastic and the natural. As a youth in Hawaii, he developed an early affinity for nature, especially the various species of tropical birds living on the island. These natural forms ultimately became the subjects for his artworks, appearing in large lavishly colored paintings and constructed sculptures. As an artist, Slonem is fascinated by the many expressive faculties of color. His paintings are layered with thick brushstrokes of vivid color, often cut into in a cross-hatched pattern that adds texture to the overall surface of the painting. This surface patterning combines with the rich colors and recognizable subject matter to create paintings that are as physically exciting as they are aesthetically rich.

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Polk Museum of Art
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