Museum of The Earth Announces Whales. From the Depths of the National Geographic Collection

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The Museum of The Earth Announces Whales: From the Depths of the National Geographic Collection an exhibition on view January 27 – June 24.

Whales: From the Depths of the National Geographic Collection presents the best sea mammal photography from National Geographic’s extensive archives. These dramatic photographs, paired with specimens from the Paleontological Research Institution’s collections, tell the long story of whales’ life on Earth, examine their present state, and explore their future.

Whales embody two of the most profound reasons we seek to understand the life around us: their intelligence, grace, and sheer size evoke our sense of wonder about and connection to the natural world; and the story of whales illustrates the sweeping impact we humans have on the world around us. Evolution has taken whales on a fascinating journey from small land animals to an extremely diverse and specialized group that includes the most massive creature that has ever existed on Earth. From gentle grazers to sleek hunters, these giant mammals dominate the oceans’ ecosystems. Yet, while whales illustrate an incredible triumph of adaptation, they are threatened by human activity on multiple fronts.

In addition to photography, real specimens, and hands-on fun, Whales features content and interactives from the Bioacoustics Research Program at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Real whale sounds echo through the gallery while the latest scientific research about ocean noise pollution and conservation efforts is displayed alongside a sound-monitoring research buoy.

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