Skagens Museum presents P. S. Kroyer exhibition

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In collaboration with The Hirschsprung Collection, Skagens Museum in Skagen, Denmark presents the greatest exhibition ever of works by the painter P. S. Krøyer (1851-1909). on view 4 May – 2 September 2012

G. Bertoncelli: Copy of P.S. Krøyer’s self-portrait in the Uffizi, Florence. C. 1900

The primary objective of the exhibition is to show a representative selection of the very best of Krøyer’s works from both Danish and foreign museums and collections. Works that will present him not only as one of Danish art’s greatest painters, but also as an artist at a very high international level, who asserted himself, with his particular Nordic quality, on a par with the great names of his time.

Apart from the two museums’ many own works, the majority will be loans from Danish museums, including the National Gallery of Denmark. But additionally, many significant paintings by Krøyer, which are found in foreign museums and private collections, will be exhibited for the first time. In all, the exhibition will include some 160 works, incl. sketches and preliminary studies.

The foreign lenders of paintings include the Gothenburg Museum of Art, the National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, Oslo, Nationalmuseum, Stockholm, Musée d’Orsay, Paris, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Niedersächsisches Landesmuseum, Hannover, Kunsthalle zu Kiel, Museum für Kunst und Kulturgeschichte der Hansestadt Lübeck and the Museum Kunst der Westküste, Föhr.

The exhibition will be shown at The Hirschsprung Collection in Copenhagen during the period 18 Nov. 2011 – 10 April 2012, after which it will be shown at Skagens Museum. –

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