Museum of Cycladic Art announces Ugo Rondinone exhibition

The Museum of Cycladic Art presents an exhibition by the Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone, on view May – October 2012.

The exhibition focuses on new figurative sculptures made with the specific space in mind. Sitting in peaceful repose against the museum’s white walls, seven life-sized nude figures are informally posed on the floor. Jointed like store-window mannequins, the figures are exquisitely detailed, as they cast in wax directly from the human body. The sections of each figure are made of different earth colors, a mixture of wax and earth pigments. Naked and vulnerable, they seem to be resting after having performed. Where? What for? Maybe for life? In the context of the Museum of Cycladic Art, where the figurines of the permanent collection, dating from 3000BC, remain hermetically closed, resting in enigmatic serenity, Rondinone’s resting figures invite the viewer to reflect on the evolution of the figuration through the centuries but also on how humanity deals with existential question through time.

Nicholas P. Goulandris Foundation – Museum of Cycladic Art
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