Monnaie de Paris to host Museum Night on 19 May

Still undergoing transformation, the Monnaie de Paris will open an evening event space to the public with Rob Pruitt’s Flea Market on Saturday 19 May, 6pm–midnight.

Rob Pruitt has brought together a wide range of his close friends to take part in this performance which promises to be once of the most rich and unexpected projects of Museum Night in Paris. At the heart of this unusual flea market, artists will present objects dear to them or which they have cobbled together, empty their closets, sell their masterpieces or create participative events.

Featured artists:
Air de Paris & Mrzyk et Moriceau & Bruno Serralongue
 & Jean-Luc Verna; Wilfrid Almendra; Pierre Ardouvin; Rosa Barba; Neil Beloufa; Gilles Berquet; Davide Bertocchi; Nicolas Boulard & Lorraine Féline, Vincent Israël Jost; Mohamed Bourouissa; Castillo/Corrales; Alex Cecchetti; Claude Closky; Cneai; Isabelle Cornaro & Vassilis Salpistis; Didier Courbot; Andrea Crews & Maroussia Rebecq; François Curlet & Jean-Marie Appriou, Caroline Mesquita; Brice Dellsperger & Natacha Lesueur, Michael Roy, Anastasio Costoso; Marie Denis; Nick Devereux; Ligia Dias; Nico Dockx; Florence Doléac; Donuts; David Dubois; E il Topo; Christelle Familiari; Daniel Firman & Komplot, David Evrard; Théodore Fivel & Vava Dudu; Yona Friedman & Jean-Baptiste Decavèle; Gloria Friedmann; Frog; Mark Geffriaud; Yoann Gourmel & Elodie Royer & Bruno Persat, Julien Crépieux, Cyrille Maillot, Emilie Parendeau; Camille Henrot; Pierre Joseph; Yvannoé Kruger; Le Camion qui fume; Ange Leccia; Ingrid Luche & Agnès Martel & Jean-Marc Chapoulie; Mïrka Lugosi & Marie-Laure Dagoit; M/M; Benoît Maire; MAY; Aurélien Mole & Mathis Collins; Jean Luc Moulène & Frédéric Héritier; ORLAN; Bruno Peinado; Petunia; Rob Pruitt ; Philippe Rahm; Lili Reynaud-Dewar & Hendrik Hegray aka Popol Gluant/Hélicoptère Sanglante, Romaric Sobac aka Sylvain Mulochet, Nicolas Murer aka Mulan Serrico; Clément Rodzielski; Yann Sérandour; Three Star Books/one star press; Nico Vascellari; Oriol Vilanova; Olivier Zahm

For Museum Night, Rob Pruitt has designed an exceptional token, minted by the Monnaie de Paris in an edition of 3,000. The token will be on sale at the Flea Market.

Monnaie de Paris, a new cultural institution
As soon as it reopens, Monnaie de Paris will resume a cultural program of exhibitions and events focused on contemporary creation. The venue already presented projects from Henri Foucault (2008), Tadashi Kawamata (2008), David LaChapelle (2009), and Daniel Buren (2009 and 2010). Monnaie de Paris will also continue to participate in art world events (Mois de la Photo…) as well as collective operations (Museum Night, Nuit Blanche, etc.).

Monnaie de Paris
11 quai de Conti
75006 Paris

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