CICA (Changing Identities and Contexts in the Arts) presents Staging Knowledge at SALT

CICA (Changing Identities and Contexts in the Arts) presents Staging Knowledge at SALT on 15–16 June 2012.

Once the artistic model could traditionally be described as an experience-based experiment. The current situation of research-based artistic practices, however, could rather be considered an experiment-based experience where predominantly laboratory-type settings and working methods produce artistic thought processes connected with specific forms of knowledge. Those forms of knowledge evade knowledge-attitudes that have been formatted, disciplined, and instrumentalized by contemporary cognitive capitalism and could be characterized as un-knowledge, non-knowledge, not-yet knowledge, sensuous knowledge, singularizing knowledge, or tacit knowledge. Nevertheless, those other forms of knowledge still relate to institutional environments where they continuously query “theatres of research” with respect to their terms, possibilities, and potentialities. In fact, we could indicate these novel artistic approaches and their specific forms of knowledge as epistemic practices explicitly claiming their idiosyncratic forms of dissemination, presentation, and display.

The issue of idiosyncratic forms of presentation is the starting point for Staging Knowledge, a two-day event organized by CICA in collaboration with SALT and taking place in Istanbul on 15 and 16 June.

Starting from the concept of artistic knowledge production, the participating artists discuss and demonstrate how performative dimensions play a significant role in—rehearsing—various practices such as interventions in public space, formulation of artistic and research strategies, development of display systems and curatorial perspectives, and generation of artists’ texts and artists’ lectures.

Curated by Inci Eviner, Jan Kaila, and Henk Slager.

CICA (Changing Identities and Contexts in the Arts)
CICA is coordinated by the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts. Other partners are the Community Relations and Development Unit of the Finnish National Gallery, The University of Gothenburg, Goteborgs Konsthall, The University of Leeds, The Henry Moore Institute, and Project Space Leeds. CICA examines artistic and arts research as well as changes in the European artists’ identity. Staging Knowledge rethinks and repositions these issues in conceiving Istanbul as a place of connectivity: a place where different models of understanding and thinking are mutually inspiring.

SALT Galata
Bankalar Caddesi 11
Karaköy 34420
İstanbul, Turkey

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