Museet for Samtidskunst announces Maryam Jafri. Geographies

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The Museet for Samtidskunst in Denmark presents Maryam Jafri. Geographies, open 16 June–19 August 2012.

Maryam Jafri, Death With Friends, 2010. Video, 9:23 minutes. Courtesy of the artist.

Maryam Jafri presents her first solo exhibition in Denmark, titled Geographies. The exhibition Geographies features four works including American Theatre (2007), Independence Day 1936-1967 (2009–), Death With Friends (2010), and the newly developed Global Slum (2012). Each work focuses on a distinct space-time, from the 1950s United States in the midst of the Red Scare, to Medieval South Asia in the grips of feudalism, to the twentieth century era of decolonization across large parts of Africa and Asia, and finally to the ruthlessly deterritorializing and reterritorializing economic flows of a contentious present. Diverse visual languages structure the distinct space-times investigated; from the deadpan, vernacular photos images in the Global Slum photo series, to the visually elaborate film Death With Friends featuring a group of actors on a golden stage, to the archival, black-and-white photos of rituals and ceremonies solemnly marking Independence Day 1936–1967, to the loose, meandering sequence of slides and voice-overs that comprise American Theatre. By weaving together different events taking place at different times or in different places at the same time, Jafri’s exhibition creates a complex web of parallel histories, disparate geographies, and the migration of aesthetic

Museet for Samtidskunst, Denmark
Staendertorvet 3D
4000 Roskilde, Denmark

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