Delaware Art Museum announces Once Upon a Time in Delaware/In Quest of the Perfect Book.

WThe Delaware Art Museum presents Once Upon a Time in Delaware/In Quest of the Perfect Book. On view June 23 – September 16, 2012, this exhibition explores decorative book covers through the eyes of contemporary artist Nina Katchadourian and long-time local collector Mary G. Sawyer.

Throughout her varied art-making practice, Nina Katchadourian has explored systems, codes, language, and communication. Sorted Books is an ongoing project, begun in 1993, in which the artist surveys a collection of books, selecting and arranging particular titles so that they can be read in sequence as stories or poems. The book clusters are photographed to shed light on the unique nature of any private or public library.

In 2009, Mary Sawyer donated her rare collection of over 2,000 decoratively bound books to the Museum’s Helen Farr Sloan Library & Archives. Katchadourian worked primarily with the M.G. Sawyer Collection of Decorative Bindings to create her installation, which marries Sawyer’s interest in the book’s exterior with her method of grouping book covers to create works of art that explore the content of the collection as a whole.

For more information, call 302-571-9590 or 866-232-3714 (toll free), or visit the website at

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