Swiss Institute presents Hannah Weinberger. Le Moi Du Toi

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Swiss Institute presents Hannah Weinberger. Le Moi Du Toi, an exhibition on view August 5, 2012.

Le Moi Du Toi is the first exhibition of Hannah Weinberger (b. 1988, lives in Basel) in the United States. The installation is a complex layering of sound resonating throughout Swiss Institute.

Weinberger has composed a series of electronic loops mixed in a constant cadence that recall the rhythmic pulse of a beating heart (80–140 bpm, 4/4). While minimal, the various tracks resound in a warm, constant, and reassuring tempo that is soft, drawn out, and ambient. The loops are installed via a series of multi-directional speakers, through which the sound migrates. Long white curtains adorn the walls.

Le Moi Du Toi hinges upon a dialectic relationship, one highlighted by the very title of the exhibition. Weinberger’s offering is completed only with the visitor’s participation and collaboration. In this manner, the individual authorship and experience becomes secondary to the experience of the whole.

A catalog is available with contributions by Tenzing Barshee, Fabian Schöneich, Fabrice Stroun, and a conversation between Hannah Weinberger, Piper Marshall, and Gianni Jetzer.

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