Harley Gallery and Museum announces Ptolemy Mann. The Architecture of Cloth, Colour and Space

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Are you a colourful character? Visit The Harley Gallery, Worksop, from 22 August to 18 October, and see Ptolemy Mann’s new solo exhibition, The Architecture of Cloth, Colour and Space and surround yourself with sumptuous textiles and elegant design, drenched in the gorgeous gem-rich colours that Ptolemy has become renowned for.

Ptolemy Mann, Circle 2, 2011

The Architecture of Cloth, Colour and Space brings together the broad and unusual range of Ptolemy’s work. Experimenting with colour to make vivid, luxurious textiles, used by designers and makers, as well as stand alone wall art, Ptolemy has also used these skills to work with architects – using the built environment as a new canvas for her vibrant palette.

A superstar weaver, Ptolemy creates glorious fabrics on her upright Dobby loom using specially dyed fibres. Ptolemy Mann works across the spectrum of her field and beyond, applying her woven and colour designs to carpets and printed textiles, as well as collaborating with artists of different kinds, most notably a ceramicist, a hat maker and a fashion designer, to produce distinctive pieces that work on their own terms.

“Colour is a deeply emotive subject. For most of us it is also highly personal, we each have a unique response to colour that we develop individually through experience and association”
Ptolemy Mann

Ptolemy has translated her intimate work for interiors to vast architectural facades with great success. She has been working with architects as a colour consultant – notably on hospital buildings – you might recognise her work from Kings Mill Hospital, Mansfield. These projects use Ptolemy’s specialist knowledge of the emotional effects of colour to create spaces and places which are uplifting, soothing and invigorating by turn.

Visit The Harley Gallery from 22 August – 18 October and see Ptolemy Mann’s vibrant works and indulge yourself in striking colour and sumptuous textiles.

The Harley Gallery is on the A60 between Mansfield and Worksop, is free to enter and also has free parking.

Ptolemy Mann: The Architecture of Cloth, Colour and Space is a touring exhibition from Ruthin Craft Centre, The Centre for Applied Craft.

The Harley Gallery and Museum
Welbeck, Worksop, Nottinghamshire
S80 3LW UK
01909 501 700

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