Georgia Weekly Newspaper Museum opens Sept 8

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The Georgia Weekly Newspaper Museum in Homer is to to open Sept. 8. The purpose of the museum is to show how a typical rural weekly newspaper was published by letterpress in the era of 1888-1940, and even into the 1960s.

This museum shows how a weekly newspaper was produced in that era and how the production process from setting type to printing was done. This process gave the rural weekly newspaper industry very firm blue-collar roots as it was craft oriented. Only with the later advent of offset printing did the industry shift into a more white-collar environment.

The Georgia Weekly Newspaper Museum is owned by Mainstreet Newspapers, Inc. of Jefferson, Ga. The firm publishes a small group of weekly newspapers in Northeast Georgia, including the local Banks County News which shares office space with the museum.

The Georgia Weekly Newspaper Museum
953 Historic Homer Highway
Homer, GA

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