Gallery Kit Schulte Contemporary Art presents Werner Linster. Doodling The World

Gallery Kit Schulte Contemporary Art presents Werner Linster. Doodling The World, an exhibition on view until until 7. October, 2012.

Werner Linster, Doodling the World Installation

Linster uses literary texts and ancient writing systems as a source of ideas and draws his inspiration from Joyce, Beckett, Wittgenstein, Kafka, as well as from the pictographs of the Chinese Shang dynasty, or historical ‘Gaunerzinken’, a secret graphic sign system of gypsies, hobos, vagabonds and peddlers. From these visual inspirations, he creates drawings and his own system of graphic signatures.For the show Doodling the World, Linster researched the crossmedia divergence in manuscripts and letters of Franz Kafka and Samuel Beckett and presents these swift and simultaneously dynamic, often comiclike visual fantasies as found footage. He discovered the Doodles like pressed flowers, bugs or butterflies between the pages. Copied out in his own hand, they are now presented on the gallery’s walls, thus directing the focus of attention to an unknown characteristic of the author’s aesthetics and personality. Linster offers a stage for these odd figurations, this search in form of (seemingly) thoughtless scribblings: he presents the doodles on small tables, drawn in a style reflecting the sketchy impression of the exhibit. Standing, lying or sitting in this new limelight, they pose like whimsical, bizarre and animate objects. –

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