National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts Hosts 2012 Taiwan Biennial

. October 6, 2012

National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts hosts the 2012 Taiwan Biennial, on October 6, 2012–January 6, 2013.

This year marks the third biennial for this exhibition with a central focus on the current state of artists and creative development in Taiwan. The bi-annual research and exhibition is an opportunity for observation of and discussion on the diversity and immediacy of contemporary Taiwanese art, and for the exploration of groundbreaking cultural visions and artistic potential.

The 2012 Taiwan Biennial continues in the spirit of the YES, TAIWAN event set forth since 2010, with the exposition and exhibition of Taiwanese visual art and art works as a foundation for research. The works have been organized into five thematic categories: Exploring the Everyday, Addressing Social Issues, Artistic Reflections, Evolving Traditions, and Interdisciplinary Collaboration. These 130 works/series by 39 artists (teams) provide an important cross-section through which to observe the morphology of contemporary Taiwanese art. Participating artists and collaboration teams include CHU Wei-Bor, HO Wei-Ming, WU Chien-Yi, LEE Mei-Ling, LEE Mei-Huei, LEE Shi-Chi, Annie Hsiao-Ching WANG, LIN Pey-Chwen, LIN Chuan-Chu, KE Wei-Kuo, NI Tsai-Chin, SHI Song, TSUI Kuang-Yu, CHANG Yung-Ta, HSU Tzu-Kuey, HSU Che-Yu, SHIU Sheng-Hung, CHEN Po-I, CHEN I-Chun, CHEN Chien-Jung, CHEN Chun-Hao, CHEN Shun-Chu, CHEN Jui-Hung, CHEN Wan-Jen, CHEN Yin-Huei, CHEN Hui-Chiao, PENG Chih-Ying, HUANG Chien-Hua, HUANG Bo-Wei, HUANG Po-Chih, The Formosa Wall Painting Group, Emily S. C. YANG, LuxuryLogico, LIU Yu, LIU Po-Chun, LIU Keng-I, TSAI Chueh-Lin, HSIAO Chin, and JAO Chia-En.

The exhibited works display the spectrum of creative expressions, from personal concerns to the collective cares, of Taiwan’s artists. Works that come from day-to-day experiences can simultaneously reveal a glimpse into the overall gestalt of contemporary Taiwanese art. The works often reflect the collective regional, environmental and social consciousness, and in addition, many works are influenced both by social issues and by the artists’ conscious social participation. The re-thinking and re-formation of traditional aesthetics that arise from a long term investment in artistic operations continues to be realized in the work of many artists. The different aesthetic trends contribute to the significance of a Taiwanese art in progress.

YES, TAIWAN – 2012 Taiwan Biennial is a platform for exchange that belongs to all artists in Taiwan, to display the richness of the artistic heritage on this land. It is an accumulation of countless “contemporary” discussions and documentations that bear witness to how Taiwanese artists express Taiwan’s cultural momentum through an innovative stylistic vocabulary and a depth of cultural concern. And additionally, provide a comprehensive wealth of materials for the future writing of Taiwanese art history.

The exhibition will be held from October 6, 2012 until January 6, 2013, with works displayed throughout the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts: in Galleries B, C, D, and E as well as in the Lobby, Main Lobby, Gallery Street, Cloister, and Museum Square. A special Artists’ Talks will be held from 1:30pm until 3pm on October 6, and the 2012 Taiwan Biennial Art Forum has been scheduled from 9:30am until 5pm on October 7, where issues surrounding the current exhibition and observations on recent developments in visual art in Taiwan will be addressed and discussed.

National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts
Outdoor plaza, 1st and 2nd floor exhibition halls
No.2, Sec.1, Wu-Chuan W. Road, Taichung, Taiwan R.O.C.
Hours: Tue–Fri, 9–17h; Sat–Sun, 9–18h

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