Maine Maritime Museum announces Ahead Full at Fifty. 50 Years of Collecting

. October 18, 2012

Maine Maritime Museum presents Ahead Full at Fifty. 50 Years of Collecting, an exhibition on view Nov. 10, 2012 to April 21, 2013.

Celebrating our first fifty years, Maine Maritime Museum is compiling a retrospective exhibition of it’s collections’ finest. The museum has amassed over 20 thousand objects, 3 million manuscript items, and 130 thousand photographs from which to draw on.

Maine Maritime Museum celebrates Maine’s maritime heritage and culture in order to educate the community and a worldwide audience about the important role of Maine in regional and global maritime activities.

The Museum accomplishes its stewardship through: discriminate collection, preservation and dissemination of historic materials and information, engaging educational programs, relevant and compelling exhibitions, and a unique historic shipyard, all connecting the past to contemporary and future issues. –

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