Kunsthaus Zurich presents Giacometti. The Donations

. October 22, 2012

Kunsthaus Zurich presents Giacometti. The Donations a special exhibition of Giovanni and Alberto Giacometti, on view through 17 February 2013.

Important series of works from the famous artist family originally from the alpine Val Bregaglia region will be on view in the generous spaces of the Müller Building. Amongst the works presented there will be some obtained by the Kunsthaus only recently upon the death of the art patron Bruno Giacometti.

Works from the mature period from the collection of the Alberto Giacometti Foundation are installed on a temporary basis in the painting gallery of the Müller Building, where, at the end of 2017, after the opening of the expanded Kunsthaus the entire inventory of Alberto Giacometti pieces will find their new home.
The Giacometti Galleries in the Moser Building will feature accordingly in a more detailed way, earlier series of works. The new installation of the mature oeuvre will be complemented by a documentary exhibition organized by the Kunsthaus restorers of a selection of Alberto Giacometti plaster pieces by Alberto and donated by his brother Bruno Giacometti in 2006 to the Alberto Giacometti Foundation.

To parallel the Giacometti inventories of the Zürcher Kunstgesellschaft, the Zürich Art Society, will present significant additions that we owe to Alberto’s recently deceased younger brother, Bruno Giacometti (1907-2012). Together with his wife Odette, Bruno was a great patron of the Kunsthaus and of the Alberto Giacometti Foundation. Upon his wish, after his demise important works of his father, Giovanni, and his brother Alberto come into the collection of Zürcher Kunstgesellschaft. – www.kunsthaus.ch

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