Centro de Arte Caja de Burgos CAB presents Gregorio Mendez Pulso

. November 6, 2012

Centro de Arte Caja de Burgos CAB presents Gregorio Mendez Pulso, an exhibition on view through January 13, 2013.

Gregorio Méndez (b. 1960, Burgos) started painting during the ’70s, a discipline that he would combine with etching, drawing, performance, happenings and installation up to the year 2000. The show he brings to the Centro de Arte Caja de Burgos CAB presents an overview of his work as a video artist since 1990, when he started to work with video.

His exhibition begins with Cayendo – Falling (2006), a series of drawings showing people leaping into the void, which are directly inspired by September 11th. These drawings are related to 180 Frames, 180 Lies (2008) shown in the same room: It is the manipulation of a supposedly amateur video showing the impact of the second plane on the Twin Towers, from which the image of the plane has been eliminated frame by frame.

The message in Ledscapes (2006) opposes the one conveyed in the first room: It is a less heavy aesthetic game in which Méndez exploits the contrast between a series of videos filmed in different spaces: landscapes, domestic images, his own workshop…and sentences taken from films which appear on an LED screen built into the center of each of the monitors.

The conflict between nature and technological and mechanised civilisation is presented in the next room with the series Arbor ex machina, the beauty of the trees is highlighted by means of moving and symmetrically doubled images that create a surprisingly aesthetic effect.

At the end of the exhibition three works study the relationship between humankind and spirituality: Cavalcanti rap (a performance based on Boccaccio), Madonna (triptych-shaped projections dealing with the role of women in the Catholic religion and their representation in Western art) and GodDog (an animated palindrome). As a perfect end, Composición abstracta, Jennifer López (2001) sees the viewer off, a playful ingredient and a cross between abstract painting and digital methods.

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