HangarBicocca presents Tomás Saraceno On Space Time Foam

. November 10, 2012

HangarBicocca presents Tomás Saraceno On Space Time Foam open through 3 February, 2013.

Tomas Saraceno, On Space Time Foam, 2012. Installation view, HangarBicocca, Milan. Photo: Alessandro Coco. Courtesy Fondazione HangarBicocca, Milan.

HangarBicocca is presenting On Space Time Foam, a major exhibition project by Tomás Saraceno. Conceived for the “Cubo” of HangarBicocca, On Space Time Foam is a monumental installation, a multi-layer transparent surface accessible to visitors, suspended at a height of 20 metres and covering 1,200 square metres on three levels. This art work that combines artistic and scientific research was made possible through the interaction of skills and experiences in a broad array of fields of knowledge, and thanks to Pirelli’s support.

Saraceno engages with the concept of boundaries, challenging it and conceiving a pioneering installation activated by the visitors’ participation. On Space Time Foam transforms architecture into a living organism, one that breathes thanks to the movements of those who cross it, visualizing the infinite relationships that tie us to space. As the artist explains: “The films constituting the living core of HangarBicocca are constantly altered by climate and the simple movement of people. Each step, each breath, modifies the entire space: it is a metaphor for how our interrelations affect the Earth and other universes.”

On Space Time Foam represents an important moment of the study and experimentation process of Saraceno’s work, ever poised between the quest for the impossible and the scientific rigour. This project will be further developed during his residency at the Center for Art, Science & Technology (CAST)—part of Boston’s prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology—where Saraceno has been invited as the Inaugural Visiting Artist. The installation created for HangarBicocca, will become a floating biosphere to be positioned over the Maldives, made habitable thanks to solar panels and a system to desalinate seawater.

HB Public: a program of events and activities
For On Space Time Foam, HangarBicocca has again planned the HB Public program, a calendar of events offered free of charge for all age groups. Thursday evenings are devoted to cinema with Auteur Overview–The films chosen by Tomás Saraceno. The program includes guided tours every Sunday at 5pm in order to discover the permanent installations and current exhibitions, as well as guided tours with the curator Andrea Lissoni.

HB Kids: creative paths and films for children
HangarBicocca continues its program of activities to introduce children to contemporary art and its languages. The activities are offered on weekends for families and during the week for schools through HB School, HangarBicocca’s new program specifically designed for all grades.

HangarBicocca Foundation
HangarBicocca is a foundation chaired by Marco Tronchetti Provera. Pirelli is a charter member and promoter of the Foundation, and is flanked by the Region of Lombardy and the Milan Chamber of Commerce as charter members. The three partners share the vision of culture and contemporary art as a driving force for development. For Pirelli, in particular, HangarBicocca is the natural continuance of a corporate culture that has always made research and innovation a key principle. By sponsoring exhibitions, Pirelli guarantees the international quality of HangarBicocca’s programming, making it possible to produce site-specific installations planned and executed internally, a contribution that makes this art centre a true design laboratory.

Via Chiese 2, 20126 Milan
Hours: Thursday–Sunday 11am–11pm
Free admission
T +39 02 6611 1573

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