Titanic Belfast to display Original Titanic Inquiry Plan

Titanic Belfast is to display the Original Titanic Inquiry Plan used throughout the British Titanic Inquiry just one month after the great ship’s sinking in April 1912.

Titanic Belfast

The historic plan, commissioned by the Board of Trade for the British inquiry, was designed and prepared by White Star Line architects. It allowed 96 witnesses called to testify, to indicate various parts of the ship using a pointer, and original markings remain to this day.

After the inquiry concluded that the loss of Titanic had been brought about by “excessive speed”, this historic plan was returned to White Star Line.

It remained in private hands until earlier this year when it was bought at auction by a private bidder, who has donated it for display for at Titanic Belfast which located on the very slipway where Titanic was built by the famous ship-builder Harland and Wolff, in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

It will go on display at Titanic Belfast before the end of 2012, the 100th anniversary year of Titanic’s maiden voyage. – www.titanicbelfast.com