Hilliard University Art Museum announces John Buck. C’Est Magnifique

. December 18, 2012

Hilliard University Art Museum presents John Buck. C’Est Magnifique, an exhibition on view January 19 – May 11 2013.

This exhibition will showcase the unique work and skill of internationally renowned sculptor, woodcarver, and printmaker, John Buck. The artist creates intricately carved woodblocks, which he uses to make prints by hand rubbing rather than through mechanical processing. This labor-intensive technique produces prints that are high in quality and limited in edition. Additionally, Buck carves and assembles elaborate sculptures consisting of unexpected combinations of objects. These sculptures vary in size; many are two and three times Buck’s height. With several, Buck includes a kinetic component. Visitors to the exhibit will have the opportunity to activate these wonders into motion, bringing them to life. – www.museum.louisiana.edu

Category: Fine Art

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