Staatsgalerie Stuttgart opens OP + POP Experiments by American Artists Starting in the 1960s

Staatsgalerie Stuttgart presents OP + POP Experiments by American Artists Starting in the 1960s an exhibition on view 23 March through16 June, 3013.

Richard Estes
Richard Estes, “Holland Hotel”, 1980, Staatsgalerie Stuttgart, © Richard Estes, courtesy Marlborough Gallery, New York

It is striking how an entire generation of artists in the U.S. succumbed to the fetish of mass goods and their presence in the media. And the sure instinct with which these young artists resorted to the European continent and placed their confidence in solid Swabian craftsmanship for the realization of their works is amazing. The Domberger printing company in Filderstadt is a shining example. Compositions by American artists were printed there over a period of several decades. Within that context, the various production phases, handwritten memos, corrections by the artists and a wide range of proofs and originals were collected and preserved.

Thanks to the acquisition of screen print entrepreneur Michael Domberger’s unique private collection by the State of Baden-Württemberg in 2009, the Staatsgalerie now has the means of presenting highlights of this collection to a broad public for the first time. Altogether 140 examples by notable American Op and Pop artists, enhanced by Andy Warhol works from the museum’s own holdings, retrace the success story of the screen print in the second half of the twentieth century.