Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle announces RE-DIRECTING: EAST

. May 29, 2013

RE-DIRECTING: EAST is a new project from the A-I-R Laboratory of the Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle in Warsaw, drawing attention towards regions that hitherto have rarely been present in artists residency programs: Eastern European and Middle Eastern countries. In the past, the complex geopolitical situation of the region was not conducive to establishing relationships, not only with the more distant western part of Europe, but even between countries that border one another. RE-DIRECTING: EAST, beginning in June of 2013, aims to build new spaces for dialogue and exploration. The curators, artists, as well as other professionals in the field of contemporary art that are going to be invited to Warsaw, will contribute to the creation of communication networks and the exchange of knowledge as well as experience between remote worlds. Warsaw, due to its historical experience and geographic location, is an ideal place for such a meeting.

In the first edition of the project, from June till October 2013, the guests of A-I-R Laboratory at the Ujazdowski Castle will include curators as well as other cultural practitioners active in the area of culture from Afghanistan, Armenia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Moldova, Pakistan, Russia, Syria, Turkey, and Ukraine.

Public presentations of RE-DIRECTING: EAST Conversations will be held every Wednesday at 6pm CET. On this day, the public will have access to the Project Studio—a place of work, meetings, and a storage room for the materials gathered in the course of project development, a proto-exhibition space designed by Jan Strumiłło. The conversations will be recorded and available online at here.

RE-DIRECTING: EAST Conversations program:
5 June 2013
Conversation # 1: Anna Ilchenko & Andrey Shental (Russia)
Presentation dedicated to the changes in education and selected contemporary art institutions in Russia, through the perspective of market shock therapy

12 June 2013
Conversation # 2: Vladimir Us (Moldova)
Vladimir Us, based on the example of selected public space projects, will talk about the post-soviet urban space of Kishinev and the processes that have been changing it since the 1991 transformation.

19 June 2013
Conversation # 3: Ayesha Omer (Pakistan)
In Ayesha Omer’s presentation, the main emphasis will be on the symbiotic relations between artistic practices and citizen resistance movements in the spirit of non-violence and against the religious divisions, in the context of the recent political developments in Pakistan.

26 June 2013
Conversation # 4: High & Low Bureau (Yael Messer, Gilad Reich; Israel)
High & Low Bureau, in their presentation under the working title Competing Narratives, will propose a discussion on art practices relating to the issues of identity, affiliation, and territory.

3 July 2013
Conversation # 5: Alireza Labeshka (Iran)

10 July 2013
Conversation # 6 and # 7: Harutyun Alpetyan (Armenia) / Bermet Borubaeva & Diana Ukhina (Kyrgyzstan)

17 July 2013
Conversation # 8: Abir Boukhari (Syria)

24 July 2013
Conversation # 9: Nazlı Gürlek (Turkey)

31 July 2013
Conversation # 10: Mohamed Hussein (Iraq)

August break

18 September 2013
Conversation # 11: Övül Durmusoglu (Turkey)

25 September 2013
Conversation # 12: Ola El-Khalidi (Jordan)

2 October 2013
Conversation # 13: Liza Babenko (Ukraine)

9 October2013
Conversation # 14: Hanifa Alizada (Afghanistan)

16 October 2013
Conversation # 15: Rani Al Rajji (Lebanon)

Program details on www.csw.art.pl

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