Kunstverein Hamburg presents HOOSEN Es muss so sein (It has to be this way)

. October 20, 2013

Kunstverein Hamburg presents HOOSEN Es muss so sein (It has to be this way) an exhibition on view until January 5, 2014.

Christian Hans Albert Hoosen (born 1981), drawings, paintings and collages conjure up countless stories and a huge variety of associations. Full of grandiose metaphor, imagery, colour symbolism and sometimes shocking moments, they call to mind expressionist poetry. They provide an open forum for our thoughts and shared experiences—thus functioning as a kind of collective memory and as a mine of history and culture. It is precisely in their universality that the mysterious accuracy of these works lies. The garish colours and multiple layers of hurriedly sketched motifs and forms create a chaotic visual flurry, the meaning of which is often only revealed after careful study. HOOSEN’s works are full of eccentric characters, wondrous beings, grimacing faces and comic-like figures, and these elements all mingle and intertwine to create wild, self-contained universes. His pieces present an eclectic mix of private worlds and seemingly unremarkable moments from everyday life. The images are a maelstrom of metaphors that hold social conventions up to view and thus open them up for discussion.

Der Kunstverein, since 1817.
Klosterwall 23
20095 Hamburg

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