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. December 2, 2013

Physique of Consciousness Museum is the first museum dedicated to human thinking, acting and body language. It involves multiple disciplines, including anthropology, history, religion, sociology, psychology and other studies. Physique of Consciousness Museum was established in 2013 by MadeIn Company, one of the most active research organizations in the Chinese contemporary art field.

Physique of Consciousness Museum, Biennale de Lyon 2013. © Blaise Adilon.

Physique of Consciousness Museum, Biennale de Lyon 2013. © Blaise Adilon.

The concept of Physique of Consciousness Museum originates from 2011′s creation Physique of Consciousness, the first cultural fitness exercise ever made, initiated by MadeIn Company. It comprises movements derived from dance, gymnastics, and spiritual and cultural rituals. The whole series is composed of more than two hundreds steps and moves inspired from a hundred ceremonies, worships and traditions accumulated through the history of humanity. It combines physical and spiritual virtues, enhancing body conditions and well-being, and further extends researches on world physical and spiritual practices.

Researches and analysis of each posture and movement (more than a hundred) and their origins, signification, have been pursued since 2011. Since then the museum collection has gathered more than 20,000 entries, over 40,000 images and related texts on numerous religions and cultures, from Chinese mythology to ancient Rome, from ancient Egyptian art to medieval sculpture, from contemporary art to cultural, social and political movements. This wide scope and multi-disciplinary study constitutes a major project in modern and contemporary cultural researches.

Physique of Consciousness Museum presents each movement, posture’s religious background, their meanings in their original context and related artifacts’ images. It explores the nature and source of our ideologies by creating parallels between our social, religious and political beliefs. Physique of Consciousness Museum challenges our observing habits as well as understanding of the world, offering a new perspective on humankind’s spiritual heritage.

MadeIn Company is pleased to announce that a selection of twenty showcases of Physique of Consciousness Museum are being presented for the first time in the Biennale of Lyon 2013, in France, from September 12, 2013 to January 5, 2014. Another series of twenty showcases will also be part of Xu Zhen-A MadeIn Company Production, a retrospective exhibition that will be held from January 18 to April 25, 2014 in Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing, China. These events mark the first stages of Physique of Consciousness Museum, and will be followed by an opening of a space in Shanghai that will include a museum open to the public, as well as a large research department.

About MadeIn Company
MadeIn Company was established in 2009 in Shanghai by Chinese artist Xu Zhen. It is a contemporary art creation corporation, focused on the production of creativity, and devoted to the research of contemporary culture’s infinite possibilities. Since its founding, MadeIn Company participated to exhibitions internationally, at museums and biennales, such as the Biennale of Lyon (2013), the Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art (2012), Hayward Gallery (2012), Kiev Biennale (2012), Ikon Gallery (2010), and S.M.A.K. (2009), among others. In 2013, MadeIn Company launched the brand “Xu Zhen.”
MadeIn Company:
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September 12, 2013–January 5, 2014
Biennale of Lyon, France
January 18–April 25, 2014
Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing
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