Time Warner Cable grants $80,000 to support STEM programs at Cincinnati Museum Center

. May 2, 2014

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics programs integral part of youth education

CINCINNATI – Cincinnati Museum Center has received an $80,000 cash and in-kind grant from Time Warner Cable, in connection with their Connect a Million Minds project, to support science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) programming. Cincinnati Museum Center is committed to making science accessible, fun and engaging through exciting, hands-on activities and thanks to Time Warner Cable’s support, that programming will continue to serve as an educational resource for the students of the tri-state.
“As more and more jobs require STEM skills it’s important that children have access to opportunities to expand their STEM-related skillsets,” says Douglass McDonald, president and CEO of Cincinnati Museum Center. “Thanks to Time Warner Cable’s support, the GIRLS program, Explorer’s University and Programs on Wheels are just some of the ways we are sharing STEM skills with the next generation of scientists and engineers.”
Time Warner Cable and its Connect a Million Minds project is helping to support several programs at Cincinnati Museum Center, including Girls in Real Life Sciences (GIRLS). GIRLS is a series of STEM experiences and activities that shows how fascinating and how cool STEM can be. The program is open to girls (and boys) of all ages and connects you with real life women scientists as well as great hands-on programs.
Explorer’s University, a STEM-focused program, presents interactive family workshops for children 9-15 years old. Workshops include dissecting a marine organism to learn about biology and anatomy, examining the inner workings of computers and electronics and exploring space to discover the techniques astronomers use to understand the universe.
And for students who can’t make it to Museum Center, Programs on Wheels is a program for groups that brings the excitement directly into the classroom. Choose from a broad array of educational and entertaining science, natural history and social studies programs, all of which reflect national and Ohio curriculum standards.
“As a company that connects people to entertainment, information and each other, Time Warner Cable has a unique opportunity to inspire youth by connecting students to STEM related organizations and afterschool programs that stimulate young minds,” says Christine Mackin, Community Investment Manager at Time Warner Cable. “We feel that Cincinnati Museum Center’s efforts to combine STEM professionals with engaging programs are an example of how to nurture those skills in today’s youth and we’re thrilled to be able to support them as they inspire the problem solvers of tomorrow.”
Time Warner Cable’s support of the GIRLS program, Explorer’s University and Programs on Wheels will ensure that these programs and Cincinnati Museum Center continue to ignite the passion for STEM-related knowledge in students throughout the tri-state.

For more information, visit www.cincymuseum.org

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