2014-15 Artist in Residence Exit Exhibition: “There’s No Such Thing as the Future” by Kelley Donahue at Clay Art Center

. July 7, 2015

Kelley’s figurative and abstract organic objects act as three-dimensional canvases. High intensity surface decoration creates a visual maze for the mind to contemplate narrative.

Kelley DonahueKelley Donahue Artist Statement:
I make figurative and non-figurative objects out of clay, which act as three-dimensional canvases. The surface is painted to create illusion of space, and expound on the shape of the form. High intensity decoration combined with narratives involving the figure, are my current focus. I conjure my own renditions of folk inspired motifs, which are derived from various traditional and contemporary uses of pattern. Creating a visual maze for the eyes to explore allows time for the mind to discover and contemplate the narrative involving the figure. The objects are installed in an arrangement that offers an immersive experience. Recently I’ve been experimenting with installations multiple small tiles. These conglomerates of small shapes painted with designs or sculpted with texture add environmental context to how the figures are situated in space. Sometimes sound, light, projections and performance play a role in the installation, too.
The narratives in my work are usually related to the universality of the existential unease I experience. By pinning specific questions (i.e. How can we be happy knowing that others suffer?) onto a spectrum of non-descript objects, imagery, sound and space, an avenue of openness with the question is created, and new perspectives become more accessible.

About the Artist:
Kelley Donahue grew up in Northern California and received her B.A. in art studio from Humboldt State University. Primarily a painter, her focus shifted to clay at the end of undergrad. She then spent two years of independent focus in the studio at H.S.U. In 2012 she moved to Alfred, New York to pursue an M.F.A. in ceramics, at the New York State College of Ceramics and just completed the program.

Opening Reception: Saturday, August 8, 6 – 8pm

Clay Art Center
40 Beech Street, Port Chester, NY 10573
Website: www.clayartcenter.org

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